Have you ever went Shopping for a new Sofa,or a blouse from shop to shop , but you just forgot how the first item looked like , or how much does it cost , how big was it ? 

That s why I have created this application in order to remind me with all the products & goods that we ( me & my Wife ) seen & examined together, to be able to make better judgement about the comparison between all of them in terms of prices, colors, dimensions& whatever you want to add of comments 

If you are a normal shopper, enjoy the free version.

If you are a professional shopper, be my customer.


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Here are some feature details!


Go for Shopping & never miss an opportunity for a great buy because you forgot the price, the look, the shop address .

All you need to do is :

**Take a photo with shoplog, 
**Log the price, 
**Name of the shop, 
**Where it is, 
**Which size or dimensions, 
**Shop phone number 
**Shop email (if any) 
**Shop website (if any) 
**Any comments that you want to add 
**It will save automatically the date where you logged this item 


share your Shopping Findings with :

  • Parents/children 
  • Husband/wife ( Basically this is Why i have Created this App ) 
  • Best friends 
  • Everybody on your facebook/twitter friends 
  • All your Friends with Shoplog


Once you have done the field search in the Shops in your Shopping District/Mall for your what ever you want to buy 
You have also to look for the best option on-line , so we have added a Feature to enable you to search in 

  •  Amazon 
  •  The FANCY 
  •  E-BAY 
  •  Google 
  •  Yahoo buy 
  •  Shopzila
  •  PriceGrabber
  •  Nextag
  • Rakuten (for The Japanese Market) 
  •  Taobao (for The Chinese Market)